One day, a thought struck me. A man had returned home from England with an Ice Cream van. There was I, sat on a wall on a warm summer’s evening in Sousse with my young daughter, eating a 99. Beside us on that wall sat a whole string of locals. All eating 99s. No talking. Just watching.

It was at that very moment I realised I had found my tribe. I am a people watcher. I love watching how people act and interact. At the language they use and don’t use to communicate. At how people who are so comfortable with one another sometimes use non-language and tunisia-tourismyet understand each other perfectly. And sometimes, I am amused by the odd and often hilarious things people say and do in public without thinking.

Back on the commute to work, I couldn’t help but people watch in earnest. Whether I sat on the train or a bus or I was walking down the street or visited a shop – I watched and listened. To pass the time, I started writing up what I saw and heard around me. I started posting them on social media –  they often made me smile and I wanted to pass that sense of fun on. They were simply snippets of conversation or observations of things I once dismissed as mundane or trite.

And people read them and enjoyed them. With a nudge of encouragement, I began compiling them into this blog. All they are is stuff and nonsense. Merely the observations and thoughts of a middle aged teen.

“I do love to eavesdrop.
It’s inspirational, not only for subject matter
but the actual dialogue, the way people talk”
Lynda Barry

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