Why I love Coach Trip!

Why do I watch ‘Coach Trip’? For the intellectual chat, that’s why!

“Tomorrow we’re going to an island.”
“Oh yeah! I’ve never been to an island.”
“Really? You’ve never been to an island?”
“No! I’m so excited!”
“What do you think Britain is then?”

[August 2017]

And then there’s this:

The teen thinks I’m mad watching ‘Coach Trip’ but where else would you find such pearls of wisdom as…

“Everywhere’s England with a foreign name.”

“You live in the most southern part of England. D’ya mean Scotland?”

“Mussels are like snot.”

Singing the Belgian National Anthem – “It’s different to the British one.”

“I thought Brussels was the capital of France.”

“A monk is a nun’s brother.”

[January 2014]


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