Flying First Class…

“So how was New York?”
“Don’t you find it a long flight?”
“Not really.”
“Not really?”
“We always fly First Class to America. Takes the sting out of the journey.”
“Oh, I know. It’s the only way to travel.”
“Huh? I thought you’d never been to the States.”
“I didn’t mean to there.”
“To where then?”
“We flew to Majorca First Class.”
“Yes. The leg space was amazing”
“And the food?”
“Food? Ah, we didn’t bother buying anything. We’d a big lunch before we left.”
“Buy food? In First Class?”
“I don’t understand. Everyone had to buy food.”
“Eh..were you sitting in with everyone else?”
“I think you’ll find you were sitting on the wing. I can assure you that is most certainly *not* First Class.”



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