The spirituality of dinosaurs…

“What’s the new place like?”
“And the people?”
“Really great.”
“Hmmmmm. Any religious types there?”
“No idea. Why?”
“Just curious, that’s all.”
“We don’t talk about stuff like that. What about your place?”
“Nah. All grand. A few repressed Catholics and the usual smattering of Heathens.”
“The usual?”
“Yeah. The usual. Wasn’t like that in the last place though.”
“We’d a bunch of those Palaeontologists.”
“You had a bunch of what?”
“Palaeontologists. You know them. Real conservative types. Clothes down to the knee and wrist. And up to the neck. Very conservative.”
“And what do they worship?”
“Don’t you mean ‘who’? They worship God.”
“Not dinosaurs?”
“Huh? Dinosaurs? No, God. These Palaeontologists even have their own pope”
“A pope for dinosaurs? Are you sure?”
“What’s with you and dinosaurs???”
“Palaeontologists study dinosaurs.”
“Eh…You sure you don’t mean Palmarians?”
“Oh…That’s them!”


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