Just between us…and the rest of the train

Today, I was privy to a ‘just between us’ disclosure. To me, it sounded like the most boring Hen weekend known to man but she was so full of ‘juicy gossip’. By the end of it, I learnt that two girls hadn’t paid for their dinner but – Shock! Horror! – ‘they’d eaten it!’ The Bride and the Bride’s mother were in tears and, much to the girl’s disgust, one of the non-paying ‘biatches’ pocketed the €200 she found (that is, after she’d asked every one had they lost it while still not paying for her dinner).

One of the attendees had given her fella an ultimatum over the phone – marry her or finish it? She had reckoned that ‘Kevin’ would finish it ‘since there is so much choice out there.’ But it gave him the right kick that he needed, an approach the storyteller delighted in adding ‘If there is anyone in need of a regular kick up the a**e, it’s Kevin! And we all agreed with that!’

All I could think of was ‘Run Kevin. RUN VERY FAST, Kevin!!!’ A thought, I suspect, was echoing in the minds of all 50+ other travellers who were also privy to this ‘private’ chat…


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