Rain is a great healer

“Yeah. We made up…Grand now. How did it happen? Rain. That’s how it bleedin’ happened. Rain…Wait ‘til I tell ya…Feckin’ eejit was so stubborn. Me Ma offered to collect him from the Bus Stop. But oh no, he wanted to walk. A mile. In the feckin’ rain. So he walked…How did that sort it? I’m getting to that bit…Ended up at the front door – soaked. Me Da told me to give him some dry clothes while Ma dried his. So I did. What did I give him? Took my revenge so I did. Gave him the clothes. He changed and then came in to watch telly with the rest of us…What happened then? There he sat – in between me parents on the couch – wearing me zig zag leggings, me sister’s bleedin’ pink hoody and a pair of me Da’s slippers. He was still sulking but Da was having none of it. Slagged the arse off him about what he was wearing until the miserable bastard cracked a smile. Know he’s a miserable bastard but he’s my miserable bastard!”


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